Beware of Business and Financial Deals with Mr. Shashank Verma, Roorkee

We hereby wish to caution the general public to be very careful while entering any business or financial deals with Mr. Shashank Verma and Mr. Vijay Verma, Proprietor of Jai Prakash Verma & Son (dealer of wrist watches and wall clocks), Main Bazaar, Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India.

They have been tenant in a flat in New Adarsh Nagar, Roorkee. But they have not paid monthly house rent and electricity charges to the house owner for last 7-8 months (May to December 2017) with varying pretexts and excuses. The total outstanding payment due on Mr. Shashank Verma and Mr. Vijay Verma is Rs. 1,23,255 (as on 25 December 2017) payable to house owner.

They appear to be in difficult financial state. But they are very adept (skilled) in making false excuses and lies to avoid/delay the payments. Few examples of their false promises, excuses and lies are given below.

(1) I will make payment on ….
(2) I will make payment in 2-3 days (or in a week or very soon).
(3) Today bank is closed, so I will make payment on ….
(4) I am with Doctor ….
(5) I will inform you the status of payment tomorrow.
(6) I am presently out of station, will come back to Roorkee on ….
(7) I was expecting payment from a client but it is delayed, so you have to wait till ….
(8) Mother of Shashank says – “Shashank is sick” or “Shashank is out of station”.

Mr. Shashank Verma also avoids receiving phone calls. After persistent calling, he informs through SMS – “I am sitting with someone, therefore I will call you later” but he never calls afterwards. He also does not respond to any messages sent through e-mail/SMS/WhatsApp. And if Mr. Vijay Verma is asked for the payment, he simply replies “पेमेंट हो जायेगा” or “पेमेन्ट के बारे में शशांक बतायेगा”.

On 5 August 2017, Mr. Vijay Verma had assured in “writing” (on plain paper) that complete due payment will be made latest by 12 August 2017. However, still they did not make any payment (no value of their written statements also). Later, they provided a cheque (dated 19.8.2017) but that cheque was dishonoured (you can not have faith on their payment cheque also). Further, they started telling that we have applied for loan from Bandhan Bank, Roorkee and kept on making various excuses to avoid the payment – such as searching for Guaranter, re-applying for revised loan amount, will go to bank today, concerned bank official is out of station etc. They are such a liar that one can not believe in their spoken words, their written statements and also their cheques.

Therefore, please be very careful while entering any business or financial deals with Mr. Shashank Verma and Mr. Vijay Verma, Proprietor of Jai Prakash Verma & Son, Main Bazaar, Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India.

(This notification was posted on 25 December 2017)


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